Every child in Year 3 or above who cannot read at age-related expectations needs urgent targeted support so that they can access the curriculum and enjoy reading as soon as possible.

We are using the Rapid Catch-Up programme from Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised for children who are not reading at the expected level for their age. Little Wandle is a DfE approved phonics programme.

There are many reasons why children may need Rapid Catch-up.

  • They have missed chunks of schooling and so have gaps in their phonic knowledge.
  • They have not been taught with consistency and so have not secured adequate phonic knowledge to read fluently.
  • They need more practice and time to secure each stage of the phonic code and so have fallen behind their peers.
  • They are new to the country and reading/speaking English.


Our pupils are assessed to see which phase of phonics they can read and understand, then a structured programme is put in place where they work in small groups with a Teaching Assistant on the letters and sounds they need to secure to be able to read. They are assessed regularly and moved onto the next phase when they have successfully completed their current one.

By the end of the Rapid Catch-up programme, children should be reading with enough fluency and accuracy to access the curriculum in class, and to read with enjoyment and understanding.