William Austin Junior School Uniform

At William Austin Junior School we have designed our uniform to reflect the high standards we aim to achieve. Our pupils are proud of their school and the uniform connects pupils to the William Austin family.

The Department for Education (DfE) state that schools are strongly encouraged to have a uniform as it can play a key role in:

  • promoting the ethos of a school
  • providing a sense of belonging and identity
  • setting an appropriate tone for education

By creating a common identity amongst all pupils, regardless of background, a school uniform can act as a social leveller. It can reduce bullying and peer pressure to wear the latest fashions or other expensive clothes.

In line with the DfE guidance, we keep the use of branded items to a minimum, with the jumper and tie being the only items that cannot be purchased from a local supermarket. To purchase the royal blue school jumper and tie please visit JS Sports in Neville Road LU3 2JQ. Please note that JS Sports is the only authorised retailer for our sweatshirts.  We do have a supply of ties, PE sweat tops and royal blue sweatshirts available to buy at the school office.

The generic items in our uniform, for example the grey trousers, white school shirts, black shoes and PE kit are easily found in many local supermarkets. This helps parents with the cost of purchasing uniform and can offer value for money and the opportunity to buy from a range of retailers.

Pre-loved Uniforms

We do have a stock of pre-loved uniform items that parents can choose from if they need support. Please either speak to the Office staff or Family Workers who will be able to help.

Our uniform requirements are set out in the table below:

Girls' UniformBoys' Uniform
Mid-grey trousers, skirt or pinaforeMid-grey long trousers
White shirtWhite shirt
School tie (available from the school office (£3.50)School tie (available from the school office (£3.50)
Royal blue V-neck sweatshirt or sweat-cardigan with school logo.
This is only available from JS Sports in Neville Road LU3 2JQ.
Royal blue V-neck sweatshirt with school logo.
This is only available from JS Sports in Neville Road LU3 2JQ.
Plain mid-grey, white or black socks
Plain grey leggings
Plain mid-grey, white or black socks
Black school shoes (not trainers or boots)Black school shoes (not trainers)
Optional uniform
Royal blue tunic set* worn with sweat-cardigan with school logo.
*Please note that this option is not available from JS Sports.
Parents would need to source material and make themselves.
Royal blue, ready-made, one-piece headscarf
Optional summer uniform (Summer Term only)
Mid-grey trousers or skirt
Royal blue polo shirt with school logo
Blue and white gingham dress
White leggings/white socks
Optional summer uniform (Summer Term only)
Mid-grey trousers or tailored shorts
Royal blue polo shirt with school logo

Optional Summer uniform (Summer Term only)


  • Mid-grey trousers or skirt
  • Royal blue polo shirt with school logo
  • Blue and white gingham dress
  • White leggings/ white socks


  • Mid-grey trousers or tailored shorts
  • Royal blue polo shirt with school logo

PE Kit

Pupils can wear their PE kit to school on the days they have PE. All items in this list can be purchased from local supermarkets. You may want to buy your child a PE sweat top with the school logo – this is not a requirement, but they are available at JS Sports, or from the school office.

  • Plain white T-shirt or white polo shirt
  • Black leggings/sweatpants
  • Black sweatshirt – no hood or zip
  • Black trainers
  • Trainers (outdoor games only)

We ask that parents label all items of school uniform, bags, coats and water bottles with your child’s name.


Pupils are allowed to bring a bag to school for their belongings. It can be of any colour and design.

Water Bottles

Pupils must bring a water bottle to school every day. It should be a sports cap so that if it is knocked over, the water does not spill. It can be any colour or design.


For safety reasons, jewellery is not permitted with the exception of a watch and one stud earring in each earlobe.  Watches must be removed for PE and earrings should be removed, or taped (if you plan to have your child’s ears pierced please consider when you do so, so there is enough time for them to be removed for these activities).


Hair should be modest in style and of a natural colour.  Patterns shaved into hair or eyebrows are not appropriate for school.  Hair bands and bows can be worn.

Make Up

Pupils should not wear make-up or nail polish.

The royal blue sweatshirts, cardigans and school ties are available from: JS Sports, 22 Neville Road, Luton LU3 2JQ. Orders can be placed at www.myuniformshop.co.uk as well as a variety of other optional items, such as book bags, containing our school logo.  Please note that it is not a requirement to use a school bag with a logo; any bag will suffice.

Further Information

Information about the Uniform Exchange supported by the Level Trust can found by clicking onto the link below.  They can be visited online or in person at Uniform Exchange, Unit 2G, The Mall, Luton LU12LJ.

Please visit www.leveltrust.org and you will be directed to the right site. If you cannot access online you will be able to call on 07480 753905.

Uniform policy