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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J Adams - Headteacher
Mrs T Parkar - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Ramzan - Assistant Headteacher
Mr A McMulkin - Assistant Headteacher

Year 3 Team

Miss H Thingsaker - Achievement Leader- Year 3 | Gifted & Talented

Miss A Davies - Class Teacher | Design & Technology Subject Leader

Miss J Haines - Class Teacher | Religious Education Subject Leader

Miss T Hussain - Class Teacher | Art Subject Leader

Mr A Bradbury - Class Teacher | NQT | Design & Technology Subject Leader


Year 4 Team

Mr A McMulkin & Mrs A Ramzan - Achievement Leader – Year 4 

Mrs M Clifford - Class Teacher

Mrs E Zerva - Class Teacher | JLT

Mrs R Johnson - Class Teacher | PSHCEE/SMSCD Subject Leader

Miss K Bridgland - Class Teacher | Computing Subject Leader

Mrs P Parkes - Class Teacher | Maths Subject Leader


Year 5 Team

Mrs S Hussain - Achievement Leader- Year 5 & Gifted & Talented

Mrs R Bano - Class Teacher | Geography/History Subject Leader

Mrs T O Neill - Class Teacher | EAL Subject Leader

Mrs E Murphy - Class Teacher | Science Subject Leader

Miss K Shah - Class Teacher | NQT | Geography/History Subject Leader


Year 6 Team

Mrs E Nye - Achievement Leader- Year 6 & Gifted  & Talented

Mr D Gilligan - Class Teacher | Joint English Subject Leader

Mrs L Grey - Class Teacher | Joint English Subject Leader

Miss L Reynolds - Class Teacher | NQT | Science Subject Leader

Mr N Patel - Class Teacher | MFL Subject Leader

Mrs S Douglas - English Teacher

Mr A McMulkin - Maths Teacher

Mrs A Ramzan - Maths Teacher | English Teacher 

Other Teaching Staff

Mrs S Douglas - Inclusion Manager

Mrs C Harnett - Physical Education Subject Leader

Mr C Britten - Physical Education Teaching Assistant

Miss E Liddiard - Music Subject Leader

Mrs T MacArthur - Assistant SENCO



Teaching Assistant Team

Mrs K Dabb - HLTA

Mrs N Newland - HLTA

Mr O Vallely - HLTA

Miss N Awan - Teaching Assistant with a Behaviour Focus

Mrs S Durkin - Teaching Assistant with a Behaviour Focus

Mr A Elliot - Teaching Assistant with a Behaviour Focus

Mrs S Akram - Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Ali - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Begum - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Choudhury - Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Dhiman - Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Faruk - Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Fearn - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Finch - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Goodenough - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hassan - Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Hussain - Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Ilyas - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Khanom - Teaching Assistant

Ms S Mukhtar - Teaching Assistant

Ms A Mushtaq - Teaching Assistant

Miss C Nelms - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Rashid - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Rose - Teaching Assistant

Miss N Shah - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Zaidi - Teaching Assistant

Family Worker Team

Mrs J Slater - Family Worker Team Leader

Mrs U Pal - Family Worker

Mrs A Akhtar - Family Worker

Mrs S Shaheen - Family Worker

Admin Support Team

Mrs S Bacon - School Business Manager

Mrs D Evans - Office Manager

Mrs L Mollé - Finance & HR Administrator

Mrs K Ritchie - SEND Administrator

Mrs S McGlynn - Library Manager

Miss J Webb - Clerical Assistant

Mrs S Yearwood-May - Clerical Assistant

Miss F Rahman - ICT Apprentice

Premises Team

Mr D Bowler - Premises Manager

Mr M Scopes - Assistant Site Agent



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