The School Day

Our school opens at 8:40 when children are able to go into their classes for registration. Registration ends at 8:55, when the first lesson starts. Children arriving late (after 8:55) will need to go to the main office to be signed in as all outside doors and gates are locked shortly after this time for safety and security. In a typical week this time amounts to 32 hours and 55 minutes.

Children can enter and exit their classrooms via their fire doors which mostly open onto the playgrounds. Saturn and Venus classes will be able to enter and exit via the fire doors that are at the front of the school. Hadid class will be able to enter and exit via the fire door which is near the blue Sports Hall doors.

School finishes at 3:30 and parents can wait outside the classroom doors to collect children. Please make sure you are on time to collect your child so they are not distressed. If you are delayed, please contact the school office so we can make arrangements for you to collect our child from there instead.

Our Family workers operate a breakfast club which runs from 8.00 until 8.40 in the Family Centre. For more information please see one of our Family Workers or click here to view our Family Centre page.