Behaviour and Rewards

Behaviour is Everyone's Responsibility

We believe that teachers have a right to teach and that all pupils have the right to learn and play, in an orderly, safe environment where they are encouraged to be courteous, well-mannered and develop respect for themselves, others and their surroundings. For full details, of our school behaviour policy please click on the policy below.

Policy for Behaviour

Behaviour Principles

In our school we show RESPECT by following our golden rules:

1. Doing our best

2. Showing good manners

3. Listening to each other

4. Looking after our property

5. Being kind and honest to each other

We respect others, respect our school and respect ourselves

House Points

WAJS is divided into four houses which are:

Pupils earn house points for good work, showing good manners, trying their best and participation.  Houses also compete with one another, often at sports and the various clubs which they attend, providing a focus for teamwork and group loyalty.

When a pupil earns a house point they collect a token and add it to their class jar and log it onto their class house point chart. Every Thursday the tokens are collected and added into the house point cylinders which are  placed in the assembly hall.  Pupils attend a Colour assembly  every half term, where the winning house is announced and the following day they are awarded a Non-uniform day.   Pupils who have achieved the most house points within their class are also awarded a certificate.

Ladder Points


Classes gain ladder points for lining up, walking around the school and entering assemblies. Once a class has gained 1000 points they are awarded a Golden ticket and a star. The class is then awarded 15 mins of reward time. The Reward Ladder is displayed in the hall and class achievements are collectively celebrated in assembly.

Behaviour Ambassadors

Behaviour Ambassadors are children nominated by teachers, who have displayed exemplary behaviour, always try their best and are role models for other children. Behaviour Ambassadors have the responsibilities to help their teachers, look after the reading areas and help on the playground. Behaviour Ambassadors also support their peers with any concerns and will also be a friend to them  on the playground.

Reward Trip 

As a reward for children who have shown excellent behaviour throughout the year, children are chosen to go on our annual Behaviour reward trip.    For example, visiting a London theatre, Whipsnade zoo, working with an artist to create their own painted canvas, created headdress with Carnival Arts and had a circus skills performer in and learnt circus tricks.

Nurture Room

In our Nurture room the Behaviour TAs and Lead Family Worker work with children in small groups on social skills, building friendships and learning ways to regulate emotions.  This safe space allows engagement within the Boxall Profile Programme. We see the children grow and thrive and become citizens of our school.