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Parent Advice Sheets

Luton Relay Pilot


Relay is a support function that works in partnership with Bedfordshire Police to inform the key adult within a school setting of a domestic abuse incident that has happened.

Providing this information enables the school to be aware of the current situation so they can best support the child –within a safe environment. This could be from silent support, direct intervention and in a lot of cases supporting with Early Help Intervention services and in some cases threshold for social care intervention. This enables a safe and in the majority of cases a positive outcome for a family. Most importantly it actively helps enable a child to reach their full potential with the correct support.

We have expressed an interest to join the Relay Protocol and work in partnership with Bedfordshire Police and Childrens Services and the Luton Community Safety  Domestic Abuse Partnership.

Sadly, Domestic Abuse is on the increase and in many cases there are significant risks. Research shows that the effect for a child living in an unsafe and abusive setting has a detrimental impact on their emotional well being, their ability to thrive and to reach their full educational potential. Being part of the Relay partnership ensures we are working together to support the best interest of the safety of our children and their future lives.


Children frequently fall over; catch horrid bugs from other children, have headaches or suffer tummy problems.

Please use links below for NHS guidelines on how to treat and what to look for remembering if in doubt or if your child’s condition worsens then please take to see your GP.

School policy is that children who have had sickness and diarrhoea should not return to school until a clear period of 24 hours has passed.

Head Injury

Head Lice and Nits



Febrile Seizure


Abdominal Pain

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