Enrichment Overview

At William Austin Junior School, we aim to achieve a broad and balanced curriculum linked to real life experiences through our enrichment programme.

Throughout the year, activities that inspire, enrich and challenge our pupils are planned to support the development of their interests and abilities, providing them with valuable learning experiences in addition to their daily learning. This promotes their independence, social skills and life skills.

Some activities are annual events, often linked to fundraising, or curriculum subjects.

In addition to this, teachers plan WOW events at the start of some units of work, for example English, to launch a new topic to inspire the children. WOW events include tracks left by a storm unicorn in the Y3 corridor, the Y4 pupils transported to the Caribbean with music and food, the hall transformed ready for the Harry Potter sorting hat event in Y5 and the Y6 pupils facing their fears touching mystery objects.

Enrichment Overview 2021-2022

Enrichment Overview 2022-2023