To be a school that provides a caring, broad and inspirational education that achieves outcomes which are outstanding and helps transform the lives of all of its pupils.


To inspire pupils to achieve excellent educational outcomes and become successful and productive British citizens by creating a school that:

  • Knows and cares about every child inspiring them to do better
  • Has high expectations of every child so that they fulfil their potential
  • Has excellent teaching and learning to achieve outstanding results
  • Has exemplary standards of behaviour and is inclusive of all
  • Has stimulating curricula and learning environments to engage all pupils
  • Builds pupils’ character and resilience to help them be successful in an increasingly global and competitive society

Strategic Objectives

 To achieve educational excellence by:
  • Achieving “Good” rating from Ofsted by 2016 and an “Outstanding” rating from Ofsted by 2020.
  • Introducing school improvement processes with high expectations that will make the school outstanding by 2020.
  • Providing an exciting curriculum with high quality enrichment activities to help pupils develop their character, resilience and personality.
  • Creating an environment of continuous improvement, innovation and competitive collaboration amongst staff and pupils.   

To achieve operational excellence by:

  • Investing in and developing the school’s leadership and staff to excel.
  • Investing in the school’s premises and ICT infrastructure to provide a good quality, healthy and stimulating learning environment for all.
  • Ensuring all services offer high-quality and best value for money so that running costs can be kept to a minimum.
  • Developing the Governing Body to become outstanding, and establishing effective community and stakeholder engagement structures.