School Meals

Our school kitchen, run by ABM Catering, produces delicious and nutritious school dinners. There are two choices, including a vegetarian option. All meat served is halal and is HMC certified. As well as the hot dinner, a fresh salad bar is always available, as is homemade bread and fresh fruit. We provide milk for the children to drink at lunchtime in addition to water.

Payment for school dinners must be made in advance using the SCOPAY account that will have been set up for your child. This is the same system that is used to pay for trips. If you are entitled to free school dinners, or think that you might be, please ensure that you complete the correct paperwork. Our Family Workers are able to help and support you with this. We monitor dinner money debt very closely to ensure that each child’s account remains in credit.

School dinners are £2.50 daily and weekly will be £12.50.

Alternatively, children can choose to bring in a packed lunch from home. We would encourage parents to make the lunches as healthy as possible. If you are stuck for ideas then please speak to our Family Workers who will be able to help you.

Some parents choose for their children to go home for lunch. If you would like this option, please make arrangements to collect your child at the correct time, when the morning sessions ends, and ensure that they are brought back to school in time for afternoon lessons. You will need to let the office staff know so they can ensure that your child is signed in and out of school.

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